Organic Grass-Fed Beef Ribeye Steak Package (Six – 12 oz. Steaks)

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Grass-Fed and Finished Organic Beef Ribeye Steak Package.


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Our Organic Grass-Fed Beef Ribeye Steak Package includes 6 – 12 oz. Premium Ribeye Steaks, all Grass Fed & Finished Organic Beef Steaks. Remember, orders of $200.00 or more qualifies for “Free Shipping!”, automatically deducted at end of checkout process. Many steak lovers consider the ribeye the most flavorful of all steaks.

    5 out of 5

    As all the literature says, never overcook. Grill high, then low, then let sit 8 minutes.

    Also, my wife loves a little trick I’ve developed on the NY/Ribeye. She’s so enamored of fat this works as a good compromise:

    1. Buy Lodge Cast Iron Dutch/Skillet at Amazon for $38
    2. Pour Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil (Costco!) in Dutch oven about 1/4 cup+
    3. Put on highest possible heat, until oil just begins to smoke or will be about to smoke.
    4. Put room-temp steak in and cover with skillet to minimize splatter
    5. Cook about 90 seconds to 120 seconds
    6. Turn steak and cook another 60-90
    7. Turn off heat, remove cover, let sit and gently splatter for 8-10 minutes

    Normally, I don’t like fried steak, but somehow this is very tasty and has added “good” fat.

    The times are thickness/temp varying. Err on the low side, especially for the ribeye. NY tends to be thicker.

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