Meat Labels and What They Mean

Organic – Know more about what you eat!

Humane Treatment Yes Unknown Unknown Unknown
Certified Organic Feed Yes No No No
Antibiotics or Synthetic Hormones No Yes Unknown Unknown
Access to the Outdoors (Pasture) Yes No Unknown Yes
Animal By-Products No Yes Unknown Yes
Use of GMOs No Yes Unknown Unknown
Synthetic Pesticides/ Herbicides Used No Yes Yes Unknown
Synthetic Fertilizers No Yes Yes Unknown
Irradiation No Yes Unknown Unknown

USDA Certified Organic meats come from animals allowed to roam the great outdoors, as Nature intended, and feast on healthy omega-3 rich grasses and forage, as Nature intended. They pass healthy, vital nutrients on to you to help you build a vital, healthy body. USDA Certified Organic meats come from animals that never experience even one day, let alone a lifetime, inside an unhealthy, crowded feedlot where animals are fed synthetic hormones and GMO-grains grown with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, their meats then irradiated before reaching your dinner table—all to produce nutrient-dead food that eventually leads to poor health for humans and the Earth. When you choose USDA Certified Organic meats, “With every bite you and your loved ones take, you’re eating for two—you… and Mother Earth.”

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